An Open Space with Hill view that functioned as a Sustainable Homestay & Restaurant in Nusa Penida, Bali.
Using 50% Recycled & 40% Locally Sourced Building Materials.
Sustainable Project.
Location: Nusa Penida, Indonesia.
Project Featuring: Francisca Josephine.
Year: 2020.​​​​​​​
Minimizing Carbon Footprints.
This design used recycled & local building materials to achieve minimal carbon footprints. Such as; Coconut Tree Timber Logs, Locally produced Thatched Roof & Weaves, Used Glass Bottles, Used Tires, Used Door & Window Sills.

Modular Master Plan.
This system is quite different than the Modular Housing we’ve developed. We used grid system in developing this design with calculated measurements. In order to:
1. Develop the building into multi level buildings.
2. Expand the area with similar concept in the future.

We used Local & Recycled Materials, such as:
1. Raw Coconut Timber Columns
2. Raw Rattan for Shades
3. Polished Concrete using natural Corals found on site
4. Bamboo Weaves (Ghedeg)
5. Recycled Furniture

The Homestay.
The recycled bottles for the rigid walls, created a unique textures when it’s plastered & enhanced by perfect lighting. Used glass bottles are also used to replace the function of glass blocks & customized lighting.
This is the most crucial detail diagram inspired by Earthship
We combined recycled beer bottles & tires as walls and foundation, plastered by sand & cement.

This Project is inspired by: Earthsip Global.
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