Vernacular/ Traditional approach in architecture, acts as  a Pavilion, a Family Garden, an Open Cultural Center, & a Lookout point for tourist attraction. Located in a hilly remote area of Nusa Penida Island, Bali. 
Social Project.
Project Featuring: Francisca Josephine.
Location: Nusa Penida, Bali.
Year: 2020.
"The Twisting Paradigm of A Paradise” 

is the Philosophy that initiated this whole development. It is inspired by the Cultural Background of the site where
The island of Nusa Penida has only been recently famous for its tourist attraction. Before that, it used to have a negative stigma as a place of ‘witchcraft’ practice by many people. That stigma has to be shifted without ‘changing’ entirely the ‘Spirit of The Place’ itself.
Hence, it is important to retain the Traditional Form, Building Materials, & Construction Techniques, in order not to make this architectural movement alienating the local culture, but instead emerging to its context
Entrance, Ticket Booth & Pedestrian Pathways. 
There are two ways to access this point. First, by walking while enjoying the view (as is is shown below). 
Second,by riding ATV bikes. using another challenging & steep road going around the hill.
The small traditional buildings along the pathways act as Gazebo,Hostels,Restaurants, & Stalls where people can enjoy the view and the breezy weather.
Open Amphitheater & Floral Garden.
This particular spot is a Floral Garden & Open Amphitheater for Cultural Performances, (such as, traditional dances, theaters, & music performances Jazz & Kite festival, etc.) by enhancing the beautiful view of the site.
Pavilion, Lookout Points, & Family Garden.
The  philosophy behind naming Lord’s Garden is because of the extremely breathtaking hills view, one would glorify The ‘Sang Hyang Widhi' (The God of Universe) just by looking at it.
Open Gallery
The gallery is located between the alleys underneath the pavilion. It will display Local Arts such as paintings & sculptures.
Family Garden.
This open family garden is open for families to enjoy the nature of this beautiful site. It is completed with overflow water ponds what can give tranquility.
Video Visualisation.
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