This housing system is mainly aimed for Millennials of Metropolitans in Indonesia, who are starting families. This is the first prototype we designed, as a demand of the growth of society who couldn’t afford housing. So, we created this affordable growing house & furniture that can suit clients’ budget.
Pre-fab Mass Housing Project.
Project Featuring: Francisca Josephine.
Location: Indonesia.
The Growing Spaces.

The house can grow from a 1 bedroom house to a 5 bedrooms house within years. We precisely designed & pre - fabricated every component of this house like LEGO.
Mass Housing.

We are trying to incorporate more design & specification for these type of housing. This is how it would look like in a bigger scale.
Modular Furniture.

As a mass housing, we are trying to incorporate low-cost, modular, & well designed furniture that owners can built just using certain items with minimal space.
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